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It generates a single drum sound that can be adjusted to sound like a cymbal, hi-hat, snare drum, electronic drum, or numerous other percussive sounds. Easy Driving Steiner E-Mail: [email protected] Tel.: 0171 75 95 438 Menu Startseite Fahrlehrer Fahrzeuge Checkliste Filialen News BKrF - Weiterbildung ASF FES Kontakt Impressum Jetzt loslegen! You can mount one of these in each cabinet of a large system, and hook them up from behind with the ribbon. This is NOT an ADSR style generator, and can be used as an LFO. news

While the original will do the kob, this one dispenses with the power supply and bypass switching, and handles a single channel. CGS29 Wave Multiplier The idea for this project came from the fabled middle section of the Serge wave multipliers. Serge Triple Wave Shaper Serge Voltage Controlled Resonance Filter Serge Voltage Controlled Wave Multiplier Simple Wave Folder Steiner Voltage Controlled HP, LP & BP Filter Steiner Voltage Controlled HP, LP & After all, how many filters have a sync input? this website

CGSRR Real Ring Modulator This is a pre-assembled classic diode ring modulator for when a four quadrant multiplier simply won't do. Rising voltages are passed unhindered. It can also be used as a stand-alone module when driven from other systhesizer gate events. Mix outputs are also provided, allowing the input/reverb mix to be controlled via a panel pot.

We offer easy ordering, account facilities, regular deliveries, and qualified sales support at the branch for added peace of mind. It can be used as a falling sawtooth LFO, VCO, or as the name suggests, a lag/slew for falling voltages. The NAND output will be the inversion around 0 volts of the AND output. It is a complete dedicated synthesizer in its own right, including six oscillators, a noise source, a mixer, an envelope generator, a VCF and a VCA.

It can also be used to mount 6 pots, LEDS, etc. The internal linear VCO can also be bypassed so an external source such as a 1V/oct VCO or LFO can be substituted. It has an integral power supply and provides two channels of amplification to bring guitar signal levels up to those used by synthesizers, and two attenuators to drop them again, post https://www.drive-easy.ch/ CGS20 Digitally Controlled Oscillator This board was really developed for my own use, to allow my 486 based sequencer to drive wavetables etc.

Its sound is quite unlike the Moog ladder, and has a lot of character. The module also contains a single, non-adjustable, Schmitt trigger. The Comparator reference level can be a time-varying control voltage, a complex audio signal, or a fixed preset voltage. If you mount them side by side, and use a common ribbon between them, you have a multiple.

Going on the number of requests I have had for a tube module that runs on +/- 15 volts, the first project I present using this board is exactly that. This module is a much expanded version of the Psycho LFO, featuring six free-running oscillators, each variable between LFO and audio ranges, two of which can be switched to have triangular Doepfer compatible power distribution bus board. It is a simple way to gain additional control of gate and trigger pulses within a system.

The purpose of the module is to allow the combination of various gate events and CVs to generate responses, rhythms, etc. http://freedesktopwallpapersite.com/easy-driver/easy-driver-pro-key.php The Real Ring modulator now has buffered inputs and outputs, and a pre-amp stuitable for guitar use. CGS60 VER1.0 Stomp Box Adapter It can be used as an external input amplifier, a way to use effects pedals with synthesizer signal levels, or a ay to use synthesizer modules A sequencer designed for controlling pulsed or gated events, for rhythm and percussion.

CGS63 Power Supply Delay Does your commercial PSU fail to start propperly? It can actually be varied to cover a fair range of voltages. It also provides the essential bypass circuit. More about the author Voltage controlled amplifier CV Generators/controllers Diatonic Converter Gate Sequencer CV Adapter Infinite Melody Pedal board/Mini Keyboard Psycho LFO Programmer/Sequencer Serge Negative Slew Serge Noise Serge Positive Slew Serge Smooth and Stepped

For example, if the memory cell functions are not required, they can be omitted. CGS41 Diatonic Converter The Diatonic Converter is an adapter for projects such as the Infinite Melody and Gated Comparator, constricting their outputs to the notes of a major or minor diatonic Of course it's use is not limited to VCOs only.

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No problem! All this while running on a standard synthesizer power supply, with no extra heater supply required. The column boards have been replaced with boards that contain 8 stages. Produced under licence from Serge.

CGS93 Trunk Lines/Multiples. Utility LFO. Klik hier om te wisselen van taal en/of land.Selecteer landAustraliaBelgië (Nederlands)Belgique (Français)Canada (English)Canada (Français)DeutschlandFranceIndiaIrelandNederlandÖsterreichSchweiz (Deutsch)Suisse (Français)United KingdomUnited StatesVacaturesBedrijfsreviewsSalarissenGesprekkenAccountinstellingenAccountinstellingenAanmeldenVoor werkgeversVoor werkgevers Aanmelden bij Werkgeverscentrum Neem contact op met SalesSchrijf een reviewAanmeldenSteiner ElectricTrefwoordLocatie click site Makes a great wave multipler too!

In the basic configuration, it has four buffers, each of which (through the use of a CGS98 expansion) also offers inversions of these voltages. Signal Processors Active Real Ring Modulator Bandpass Filter Bi-N-Tic Voltage controlled Filter/oscillator Cascade Mixer Delay Development Board Dome Filter Low Pass Gate Modulo Magic Phaser and audio mixers Real Ring Modem The resonance (Q) of this filter is dynamically variable by manual or voltage control. CGS30 Bandpass Filter A utility bandpass filter for creating artifical instrument resonant cavities etc.

CGS83 Positive Slew. This is the Serge Positive Slew which was part of the original line of modules. The XOR is well known as a square wave "ring modulator", though interesing effects can also be generated using the other configurations. CGS11 D/A Converter This board was really developed for my own use, to allow my 486 based sequencer to connect to various VCOs etc. Mixer Mix synthesizer level audio signals or control voltages with this d.c.

CGS74 MOTM distribution board. CGS43 Cascade Mixer The Cascade Mixer is an experimental mixer that can be built in one of several ways - a unity gain cascaded mixer, a binary weighted (or scaled) mixer, Theorie üben online Gratis! The NOR output will be the inversion around 0 volts of the OR output.

It monitors a control voltage, and triggers one of three "gate" output dependent on what the control voltage is doing. Schnupperfahrstunde!! CGS35EURO Steiner Voltage Controlled HP, LP & BP Filter Like the above, this module is a "tribute" module, based on the awesome Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. It can also be used for some simple signal multiplying.

It would for example be possible to have two sequencers running from this unit, one at 1/8 of the frequency of the other, their outputs being mixed to give a sequence Find out more Our Solutions Hygiene Having professional hygiene services in place is not only healthy and attractive to customers and employees; it’s also a legislative requirement. Article, art & design copyright 1999 by Ken Stone Modular Synth HomeDisclaimer We have a variety of quality products available at competitive prices and free door to door delivery.

In cases where you require several different mixes from a common set of signals, this module is ideal. Adapter Banana to 3.5mm adapter plug Are your Serge and your Euro rack modules not talking? CGS80 Multi-Mixer This module is a multi-purpose mixer that can be used for both synth-level audio and control voltages. Clock/Gate/Trigger processors Burst Generator Gated Comparator Gate Sequencer (obsolete) Gate Sequencer Gate to Trigger Converter Gate/Trigger Dev Block Master Divider Pulse Divider and Boolean Logic Quad Logic Gate Slope Detector Sub-oscillator/harmonic