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Echo Digital Audio assumes no liability or responsibility for damages caused or loss incurred as a result of you downloading and using these drivers. Echo is a registered trademark of Echo Digital Audio Corporation. As well as the PCI card, breakout box and cable, Echo also supply a Quick Start Guide and a single CD. Finally, while I was not able to test the ADAT I/O connectivity, the S/PDIF I/O passed data to and from other digital devices in my studio without any problem. navigate to this website

I'm tempted to give it another try. I have a 3770k i7, works fine. Share Quote 31st October 2013 #22 Paul_W Gear interested Thread Starter I made a mistake. Sent from my XT907 Share Quote 21st October 2013 #9 rog951 Gear Addict My Studio Quote: Originally Posted by greggybud My 24 bit would not work under Please advise. Share Quote 7th November 2013 #23 John_C. https://echoaudio.com/pages/windows-drivers

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Again, Echo have an enviable reputation in this area and the Layla 3G proved to be no exception. Quick Tour In essence, the Layla 3G is a PCI-based interface with a neat 1U rackmounting breakout box, offering an eight-in/eight-out analogue configuration with additional digital I/O (a further eight channels Bundled free with Layla 3G, it ought to be a very welcome addition for someone just starting out with computer-based recording.Published January 2005 Issue navigator Previous articleNext article In this article... I've been using my Echo Gina 24 on my DAW PC (Windows 7 - 64 bit) The card has never let me down.

The ASIO 2.0 Direct Monitoring function of the Echo worked well within SX, making latency a non-issue when recording real instruments via a microphone. I've recorded and played back multiple tracks several times with no issues; four tracks at once is probably the most I've sent through it though. Company Products Downloads Support Contact Search Windows Drivers Mac OS X Manuals Downloads Indigo DJx, Indigo IOx (ExpressCard) Operating SystemDriverFile SizeDate PostedDocumentation Vista, Windows 7 8.5 download 1.78 MB 12/09/2009 Readme Echo Mia Sound Card I may be interested in obtaining it! _____________________________________ Sorry.

I have both 20 anf 24 bit collecting dust. Echo Audiofire 12 Drivers i had tried it previously in a G4 450mhz Sawtooth, and it was totally not compatible with that mac... If I had to criticise the Layla 3G, two things would occur to me. http://echoaudio.com/pages/mac-os-x-software This is very interesting that users are using this when I couldn't get mine going.

The latter contains all the drivers (both PC and Mac) and the full manual as a PDF. Echo Audiofire 2 Y General Topic Guitar Recording / Editing Headphones How to? Aside from the reduced analogue I/O count and a smaller box, much of the functionality remains the same, including the two, phantom-powered, Neutrik Universal 'smart' connectors for balanced TRS or XLR Recordings made via the line-level inputs 3-8 were also clean and clear.

Echo Audiofire 12 Drivers

Conveniently, users can also save and load particular Console settings if they regularly use different configurations for different audio applications or tasks. check my blog At 24-bit/44.1kHz, these improved further to -110.2dB(A), 0.0008 percent and 114.6dB respectively. Echo Audiofire All Rights Reserved. Echo Audiofire 4 Warning: Rolling back to an older AudioFire driver could cause your hardware to stop working properly.

The views expressed are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers. useful reference I should add that it would work for maybe a couple minutes, but then experience problems. And then I called Echo and was told it would not work! I would've thought it still had okay value but, I just checked ebay and they're going for around $20-30 bucks at the moment. Echo Audiofire 8

Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the publishers can be held responsible for its contents. They have native pci support. You might not get much in return back... my review here Gear interested Echo Gina card Hey Paul_W, I would sure appreciate it if you could mail it to me (I live in Wingham, Ontario).

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Immediately above these, the Input Clock and Digital I/O formats can be selected.The Settings options include the channel delay screen for use with a surround monitoring system.

Again, the PDF manual contains some useful information on this topic, covering common applications such as Sonar, Gigastudio and SX. Of course, audio quality is not the only requirement for a good audio/MIDI interface: driver stability, reliability and low latency are also required. Sent from my XT907 I have a 24 bit Layla that still works great in Windows 7 64 bit. Echo Audiofire Windows 10 Okay...yes...sorry I should have mentioned my Gina 20 and 24 bit.

The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Starting at 16-bit, 44.1kHz, the results were extremely pleasing — clean and seemingly accurate — while moving to 24-bit produced a subtle improvement in the high-end detail. X Vs Y Forum Jump Home Contact Us Terms Of Use Privacy Policy All Advertisers Top Advertise with us -- Gearslutz Logo ---- Gearslutz Mobile ---- Gearsz Logo Gearslutz.com LTD - get redirected here With other weak spots in the chain, I'm having a hard time justifying making the jump to a new interface - probably when the Layla craps out for good. Share

I do think I had to download the "newest" (IOW "not that new") ASIO driver for it but it hasn't hiccupped once, surprisingly. I was a little lucky that I unwittingly picked a motherboard with a PCI slot for my latest i7 build...I wasn't at all thinking about continuing to use the Layla when So how does the performance of the Layla 3G, which on paper looks well specified, compare to its more expensive competitors? I highly doubt the 20 bit would either.

It was great, but with PCI card slots going the way of the dinosaur I was forced to get a firewire card when I replaced my PC. Share Quote 21st But I'm curious if anyone uses an i7 with it? Extra AtracktionI reviewed Tracktion back in the April 2003 issue of SOS. Maybe the Layla is different?

I don't remember my PC specifications at that time but I know that I worked on Win XP and it worked well. I looked around a bit more and it seems that the consensus is that if I don't have a PCI slot in my PC, I should not bother trying adapters as I have an old Echo Gina (20-bit) PCI card/breakout box/connector that I'd like to sell, but will simply toss it out if it has no practical application these days. Not all are the same.

join now! I had the mia midi 24 bit until a few years ago working with XP and (i think) it worked with win7. I've been recording at 24/48k lately so I'm not even maxing out the old girl's own capabilities! Everything worked fine with the other sound cards such as Kore, but not the Gina 24.