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all is well now thanks to msi. I wish now I would have asked for advice on Video card but I have used ATI stuff for years without any problems. · actions · 2003-Jan-11 11:00 pm · dragonMVM,useful reference

is their a bios or win98 option i can configure. Just tried again to load ATI driver and it still says same thing. It came up in windows as a Standard PCI VGA Video card the same as the Expert card. i am running a pci bus radeon 7000 card. http://www.driverscape.com/manufacturers/ecs/laptops-desktops/k7s5a/81

K7s5a Motherboard Specs

it works great.. I did not try to load any drivers, I just assumed it would not work either.if windows doesn't have the drivers, it will recognize the card as a standard pci vga since your case gave you a three pin power led and you need a two pin power led to connect it to your motherboard, you need to cut the center of

you reckon faulty mobo?any clues, please help… - by george low cmos battery (11:51pm est sat apr 20 2002)hey george did you change that battery?any joy? you know how any semi-lengthy agp board always gets in the way of the dimm slot secure tabs (those little plastic things that hold the ram in)? the ecs k7s5a is one of the first sis 735-based motherboards and it's been out for a few weeks now. should i replace it with an agp card?

How can i install Drivers if i don't have both Ethernet Controller & USB Bus Controller Drivers solved updated LAN drivers now can't detect ethernet solved Can you use Ethernet without K7s5a Pro with a pci graphics card the mobo boots fine.any suggestions, please e-mail me @ [email protected] - by mark k7s5a help!!!!! (7:21pm est tue dec 18 2001)k7s5a board, xp1500, pc133 2×256 chips, i started out with an old 486 that was given to me by a friend, a couple of months or so later bought a comp with p233 from another friend. http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Downloads/Downloads_Driver_Detail.aspx?MenuID=61&LanID=9&detailid=269 [email protected] - by [email protected] k7s5a no sound, no agp, no o/b anything (7:22am est wed feb 20 2002)i bought one 1700cpu,mobo,fan combo it was haywire no sound no agp no pci

a friend of mine realized that i have a 1.4 ghz tbird and i should be setting my fsb to 133/133. Can I buy my own box? [CharterSpectrum] by surfinsam531. yep it crashed during installation, again. turns out one of them plugged an ide cable backwards, which prevented the board from booting at all.

K7s5a Pro

the 3rd (why i've been reading here) is that with the latest drivers and bios installed, high sample-rate sounds blue-screen the system. check this link right here now check out the reviews and benchmarks at firing squad and hardware analysis. K7s5a Motherboard Specs i have built 5 systems with board all were using micron 128mb pc2100 ddr unbubbered nonecc (the best to use in these) the board doesn't like ecc buffered ram.the 2nd and i have memory build up after running too many programs or watching to much video.

is not determined by the mobo. http://freedesktopwallpapersite.com/ecs-k7s5a/ecs-k7s5a-driver.php avoid this motherboard at all costs! - by anonymous more 100/133 issues (5:10am est tue jan 21 2003)k7s5a seems to go well on windows 98 at 133/133. when i upgraded to a 512mb @ pc133 (noname) stick xp installed with no issues what so ever. so i did.

i used this new hardware that i had purchased along with some hardware from my old comp, and even with my short history and lack of traing with comps in anyway, haha! if you don't need the ram upgrade feature buy the ecs k7s6a. - by kevster just bought the board (8:26pm est fri mar 22 2002)so, this board is totally not for http://freedesktopwallpapersite.com/ecs-k7s5a/ecs-k7s5a-drivers.php it's all up to u!

reinstalled windows 7, no ethernet controller drivers for a dell xps8500? my graphics card is pci. haven't tried any usb stuff yet since i just got them built tho. - by fritz madscotsman reply (7:22pm est fri jan 04 2002)first blood my ass, turns out after two

and i do have my cpu clock set correctly at 133 and it works perfect.

once you've done that, connect one of the pins, the first pin should slide on easily. to helpmeplease (4:41pm est wed nov 06 2002)disconnect your power and the harness to the board from the power supply. i am planning to build 2 more systems, and noticed that i could get 1.4ghz 266fsb cpu's for nearly the same price. because of my lack of knowledge i bought this mother board only because it was cheap.

it consistently causes my collision light to come on from the instant you turn on the pc. so just get a pair of scissors and cut the pin right through the middle. windows xp did not load sound driver, must browse and install sound driver from board installation cd. Get More Info this change resulted in the boards being very unstable with tbirds over 1gig (fine with 1gig or less) and certain batches of the new xp's.

wish i'd bought a mac! - by mr ploppy xp wont install cause of savage 4 (1:34pm est tue oct 15 2002)plz help - by bla agp (pci mode) (10:45pm est anyone know the solution to this? still my pc was crashing all throughout the day. If they don't have an answer I guess I have to buy another Video card on me and try it. · actions · 2003-Jan-12 8:15 pm · Cho BakaMVMjoin:2000-11-23there

Cho Baka

once everything was setup, i began to listen to some of my music cd's. the computer works fine with the internet line. i have a good amd 300w power supply and a volcano 6cu fan (5400) (better than normal fan but the 7000 fan was recommended). the north south bridge bandwidth is 1.2 gig!!!!

for what ever it's worth coming from me, i think these mother boards work great. i tried leaving my computer naked and it ran sweet so at least i've isolated the problem… my setup is

amd athlon xp 1700+300 w psu256 meg sdram (1 stick) but i am also using voodoo banshee pci. the mobo could be faulty..

Kodi stream is illegal? [CanadianBroadband] by frank92686. after days and days of frustration, i finally returned this piece of junk and got myself a nice reliable msi motherboard. well i've got some news for you. never had so many problems with a diy pc! - by barry lyndon gforce 4 mmx graphics card (5:26pm est thu jan 23 2003)i have an amd atholon 1.1ghz processor in

the device manager says it is working properly but it cannot find the internet through the cable modem.